Introduction from the chairman

Dear colleagues and visitors to the CSG website,

Welcome to the website of the  Czech Society of Gastroenterology, which associates approximately 850 professionals involved in digestive tract diseases.

Our society was founded on 25 October 1945 in Prague. The founding members were Karel Herfort, Jan Hořejší, Josef Charvát, Zdeněk Mařatka, Josef Mašek, Miloš Netoušek, Bohumil Prusík and Václav Šváb. Jiří Scheiner was elected as the first chairman. The importance of their work exceeded the bounds of our field and to this day holds us to a higher standard of ethical and professional practice.

In terms of organization, CSG is part of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně and therefore subject to its bylaws. CSG is governed by a democratically-elected committee of thirteen members, whose term of office is four years. The activities of the committee are reviewed by a three-member panel. The highest organ of CSG is the plenary session, which meets annually at the congress.

The main task of CSG is to create the professional and organizational conditions necessary to mitigate the impact of gastroenterological diseases on the population of the Czech Republic. The activities of CSG also include stating and supporting the interests of gastroenterologists as a professional organization based on specialized education and gastroenterological research.

CSG comprises three specialized sections and several working groups. Given that our field mostly works in outpatient care, the Section of Outpatient Gastroenterologists is organizationally the most important. In recent years, we have turned increased attention to young gastroenterologists and their professional growth and development. The Endoscopy Section and Working Group for Inflammatory Bowel Diseses also play important roles.

The periodical Gastroenterology and Hepatology provides a specialist platform for our branch of medicine. First appearing in 1947, it remains the primary journal of four professional organizations. It offers peer-reviewed articles, including foreign-language contributions, and is managed by an international editorial board and indexed in major international databases.

CSG annually hosts an internationally accredited congress with more than 1000 specialists in attendance. The congress is a major opportunity for participants to exchange the latest knowledge in gastroenterology and present the results of their research. Contact with many other specialist societies engaged in treating gastroenterological patients naturally take place during and around the congress.

CSG is actively committed to working with patient organizations, government agencies and insurance companies, whom they regard as their partners in their activities. The society works openly with representatives of technological and pharmaceutical companies. It is also firmly embedded in European and international organizational structures for gastroenterology.

CSG is a proud partner of the Benin Gastroenterological Society. In addition to sharing our experience with modern-day diseases that affect the digestive tract, we have worked together to introduce technologically demanding diagnostic and therapeutic methods in Benin.

doc. MUDr. Ilja Tachecí, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Czech Society of Gastroenterology